Asbestos Removal

Tilehurst Roofing Contractors are now fully qualified in safe grey asbestos removal.

With many asbestos garage roofs now starting to reach the end of their useful lives, we realised that many of our customers needed help with safe asbestos removal, together with transportation to a licensed site for sustainable disposal.

Asbestos Removal  – Qualified and Safe

After taking intensive training courses on the handling of asbestos, and its safe disposal, we are now fully qualified to remove and dispose of grey asbestos.

Many houses, built before the dangers of grey asbestos were known, contain asbestos soffit boards. We can also safely remove these, before fitting a new roof line system.

Contact is now if you have any household asbestos removal concerns, we will be pleased to inspect any asbestos roofs, soffits or other structures, and give you a report and estimate for its safe removal and disposal.

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