Asbestos Water Tank Removal

Asbestos Water Tank Removal

With all the health & safety surrounding asbestos and the removal of asbestos items, I was very surprised to be asked to remove an asbestos water tank.

With all my years in the building trade, and experience in safely handling asbestos, I have never seen or heard of an asbestos water tank.

At first I thought it would be a surround unit filled with insulation and the plastic water tank would be inside it.

But when we arrived on site to carry out a garage roof replacement, I was shown to the tank in the front garden.  It turned out to be a water tank – made entirely of asbestos!

Apparently the asbestos tank had been unscrewed, and all pipework removed prior to the plumber removing the tank himself.  Obviously asbestos items should not be removed or handled by unauthorised contractors, but remarkably the asbestos tank had held drinking water for 40 years.

The owner a 84 year old lady had lived in the house most of her life and apparently smoking 80 fags a day, and she’s still going strong!

I wonder how many more asbestos water tanks are in the U.K?

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