Rogue Traders? Roofline Replacement Done Properly #2

Rogue Traders?  Roofline Replacement Done Properly #2

In our last blog post we detailed how an elderly gentleman had nearly fallen for scare tactics by rogue traders to sell him the idea of a roofline replacement – soffitts and guttering work basically.  Luckily, we were alerted to the scam by a friend and we were able to both remedy the shoddy work already done and also complete the roofing job safely and with a significant cost saving over what the client had originally been quoted by the scammers.

What Happened Next

Within 3 hours of an elderly couple falling for a typical rogue trader scam, Tilehurst Roofing Contractors had erected a full scaffolding and made watertight the damaged roof and fascia boards.

The asbestos was safely removed by our expert team and transferred to our licensed site.  We also removed the asbestos soffits that were left just laying on the adjacent roof areas. The roof has now been stripped, and re-covered using new treated battens and breathable underfelt.

We completed all of this in just one day.

Roofline Replacement by TRC with Scaffolding


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