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Roofing show

The Tilehurst Roofing team attended the Roofing Federations conference and show in Coventry last week.New technologies  - New Products - New IdeasThere were many new ideas, company's and products on show.Most were based on Eco products, heat saving and ways to save energy.There are to be further increases in mechanical fixings on roof works, especially in the new build sector, and now also in refurbishment works as well.Climate change driving home maintenanceWith all the lectures I attended, the most interesting was from a lecturer with a PhD in water drainage and associated drainage flow modelling.  He states the weather has now shifted towards more heavy prolonged rain.This is starting to make the standard guttering's prone to overflow, with the standard systems overflowing at least twice a year.This matches our own experience where we have  also seen a big rise in estimates required for new higher capacity guttering systems.The other good idea I found is a product that insulates on top of the rafters, and is also a breathable underlay.I will find out more on this product, and report on my findings.Caroline Scheel

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Rainwater Harvesting….it is not new (Pt 2)

Many years ago man would choose to build their village or commune near to a water supply, river or a stream. They used the water supply to help with their day to day actions such as bathing, cooking, drinking and cleaning.  Towards modern times, rainwater was collected in cisterns and pumped into the house using old style hand pumps.

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