Slates and Tiles

Renaissance in natural roofing materials – Part 2

Previously we looked at the use and decline of European clay roofing materials,  after the war. During the 70's clay tile production started again, challenging the dominance of concrete tiles.

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Renaissance in Natural Roofing Materials – Part 1

Over the last six months we have been stripping off many clay pantile roofs and replacing with concrete tiles. This led me to wonder why, natural products are being disregarded for man made tiles.

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Moss and roof cleaning

We had a summer - at last! I have been asked a lot recently about cleaning off moss on roofs.

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Easy Verge – Mortar Free Roofing

Continuing on the mortar free roof theme, Easy Verge is a high quality external grade rigid u.p.v.c which is extremely resistant to light degradation and atmospheric pollution. An alternative to wet verge areas, it is a quick and easy system for both slate and tiled roofs and eliminates the verge batten rot that causes the loss of slates We think Easy verge is simply the best looking slate verge available that even allows for a cambered edge.

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Roofing Putty

Our ongoing tests for the new roof putty is proving successful. The flexible high-grade thixotropic putty is a great alternative to traditional mortar.

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