Colin’s Classic Capri’s – the Story

Colin’s Classic Capri’s – the Story

My story of the love of Capri’s is probably like a lot of people.  I had a 1600 mk 111 back in the day, and wished, I could afford a 3.0s or 2.8i special.  Only in my wildest dreams did I imagine owning a 280 ‘Brooklands’.

Many years of hard work later, I can now relive my boyhood fantasies.  It all started 3 years ago when I wanted to add a mk111 Capri to my classic car collection .  Finding a good on line, I drove to the dealer who had a mint 2.0GL 1979 in immaculate ‘Red’ – Grey cloth interior – 20,000 miles – 1 lady owner, it was a no-brainer.

I could not collect the car for some time, due to work and attending our race meetings. On collecting the car I was offered more money from the dealers partner. He said he wanted to keep the car.  I then realised not only was I starting to collect the beautiful Capri, I was making an investment at the same time – Nice!

From there on I decided on only mk111’s as it had been my dream to own this Capri as a young man.
After a number of years I have added a further 5 Capri’s to my collection and Yes finally got my Brooklands 280 at auction.

I paid a lot of money for it, but there was a lot of other people willing to do the same.  The feeling of sitting inside these cars, putting in a cassette of ‘Best of 80’s’ music, arm out of the window, Ray Bans on is just priceless.

Brooklands 280 – No 439 of 1038

Brooklands Capri 280 – No 439 of 1038        I was in a fight to get my hands on this car.  The vehicle fetched £9,810 over the top estimate at the recent auctions.  But its worth it.

Always wanted a 280, and on £23.00 per week when I left school, no chance of obtaining one.  As we all know only 1,038 Brooklands were produced to use the remaining body shells before ceasing production of the mk 111 Capri’s. 

This is a totally original car, with the standard Ford radio cassette, with working electric aerial.

All other items work, and the interior has no cracks and I am really lucky to own and cherish this car.
Further details in Johns article chairman @ the wheel article September 2016 issue.

Cosworth – Capri

Once owned by Capri collector and restorer Keith Upritchard, this is a truly stunning conversion of a mint 2.8i mk111.  The quality of the engine conversion to a Cosworth 2.9 24v unit together with gearbox and handling package is perfect.  The car has been featured in Retro Ford magazine, and various online articles.

Engine – 2.9 24v Cosworth V6, shortened downpipes, Capri Club performance exhaust, modified wiring loom, pipercross air filter, Escort Cosworth Clutch.

Capri mk111 – 3.0l s

Capri mk111 – 3.0l s       An 82,000 mile car in Graphite Grey – the colour was only available on the 3.0s and then only for 9 months in 1981. This car retains its original shell with genuine Ford wings.  All other panels are original.

The engine is solid, and has a standard 4 speed Capri gearbox. The interior is fantastic – Carla check Fishnet and Black vinyl – I always liked the fishnet headrests – (must be a bloke thing!).

Capri mk111 – 2.8i special in Gloss Black

tilehurst-rooCapri mk111 – 2.8i special in Gloss Black     This car has had the ‘Boy racer’ package added to a solid and restored car.
I brought her blind at auction.  I could not attend the auction, and trusted the guys at C.C.A Auctions on the condition of the vehicle.  After many weeks it was delivered to me, and luckily is in a very nice condition.  Even had half a tank of fuel!

The interior was trimmed in Beige leather by 2 guys who worked at the Goodwood Rolls Royce factory, so top job on the interior of this car.  The engine is standard with an Aftermath exhaust fitted.

Capri 2.0L GL – 20,000 miles – Mint

Capri 2.0L GL – 20,000 miles – Mint


This was my first purchase, a beautiful original 20,000 mile car, in ‘as new’ condition.

1 lady owner and all paperwork.  I have called her Rosie after the Red colour, and the original owner Mrs Rose.


Work in progress.

Lastly my 2.8 special restoration project.

Brought from an elderly gentleman who only took her out once a year for an MOT.  The car had a Consul mascot on the bonnet, as well as many areas of rust, cracked leather and dash etc.  I resprayed the car, overhauled the engine, and gearbox.  With the help of John & Sally at our club, they have sourced parts and given me advise on the restoration. 


So another mk111 Capri will be ready for the road.

Big Thank You to the Capri Club for their help and keep up the good works with the magazine.

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