Tilehurst Roofing Contractors Classic Car Collection – Update

In a previous post, I told the story of my love of the Capri – a love which led me to start collecting these fantastic cars.  For someone like me, they were a total aspirational symbol of  70s and 80s cool! 

But actually my love for cars doesn’t just stop at the Ford Capri, I am lucky enough to have collected some other iconic pieces of automotive joy.  Here is their story

Rolls Royce – Silver Seraph – 1998 – Nickname ‘Roger’

Silver SeraphOnly 1500 or so of these crossover Rolls Royce cars were produced, between 1998 and 2002.
The car although a Rolls Royce was developed with BMW, and uses the BMW 7 series engine and other components.
Die hard Rolls Royce owners were horrified by the possible BMW take over, and the cars did not sell.
With VW and BMW fighting over the Rolls Royce company, and later the RR logo this was a tough time for the Rolls Royce Company.
Our Seraph is a special order. Blue over Silver, with matching interior.
The usual high quality wood trim and very low miles, means this is a collectible car.
With a limited production run, values are on the increase on this model in this specification.


Beach Buggy 1965 – Nickname ‘ Dude’

tilehurst-roofing-contractors-classic-car-pictuers-17This little car was brought from a Beach buggy fan in Hayling Island.
The buggy was driven home but needed a full restoration.
The car was stripped, all paint removed, engine out and left as a bare fibreglass shell.
The new paintwork is in 12 shades of Blue, and was originally to have artwork sprayed on, but long story…
New seats found and fitted, TRC Blue trim fitted, engine rebuilt, new wiring, new clutch…. Endless!
Only just finished this summer.
No one knows the exact body kit on this vehicle so if you do please let me know.

Morris Minor 1000 – 1957 – Nickname ‘Molly’

tilehurst-roofing-contractors-classic-car-pictuers-16Molly was acquired by us during a Retro show a number of years ago.
The originality drew our attention to the vehicle.
A large crowd had been circling the car all day, with many people reminiscing about their fathers owning ‘one like this’, or I took my test in a Minor.
The interior is original with plenty of Patina.
An unsoiled, simple car – One for any collection.


Porsche 911 – Flat nose – 1979 – Nickname ‘Widowmaker’ (not named by me)

This is a rare factory Flat nose 911.
She has lived in California all her life, but was dragged kicking and screaming to live in our wet and cold climate earlier this year.
A stunning iconic classic 911 shape, with the large Whale tail and flat nose, a true collector car these days.
I owned a fibreglass version of this car back in the day a GT2 Turbo race car, it raced at Le Mans, so I just had to have a full factory car.


Porsche 924 s – 1987 – Nickname ‘Snowy’

This 924s is a 2 owner car with a superb history file.
The car came from a private collection of Porsches only.
Unlike many 924’s this is a Porsche engineered car, not like so many that are VW engineered.
This Porsche engine was made for a larger 944 car. So pretty quick.
A nice car to drive with bags of 80’s character.

Capri 2.8 injection special – Nickname ‘How Much’

I rescued this 2.8i special from an elderly gentleman who lived on the south coast.
Only used 1 time a year, to go to the garage for an M.O.T.
The car needed a lot of work, the bonnet had a Consul mascot sticking out of it – No idea why?
So a respray, new interior, half leather, new dash – the Ford dashes are renowned for cracking in the sun – new LSD, full service, new radiator and fan housing, new clutch and so on…., hence his nickname.
Now a beautifully original fast Ford.
Because so many Capri’s were modified, holes cut in the parcel shelf, doors etc, original ones are becoming hard to find.
Trouble is I had to source tape cassettes to play in the original radio/cassette player

Ferrari Mondial 3.2 – 1988

A very low mileage Ferrari, in classic Red and sand hide.
This car has been used for shows and one or two weddings.
Full service history and unmarked paintwork.

and it sounds awesome!


Wolseley MK1 1500 – 1958 – Nickname ‘ Wally’

tilehurst-roofing-contractors-classic-car-pictuers-14First registered to Mr Cornall of Blackpool, he owned the car until 28/11/90 – 33 years!
The second owner Dr Catheral owned Wally a further 15 years.
There are very few of these early Mk 1 left on the road, and certainly only a handful in this condition.
The engine is original, and all of the plates match.
The interior has not been renovated, but looks stunning.
This car draws smiles wherever he goes

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