Condensation Issues

Condensation Issues

Its that time of year again!  Autumn is here, and with it a whole host of typically seasonal problems that affect our customers’ houses.

At Tilehurst Roofing Contractors we are experiencing an increase in seasonal enquiries and have already been called out to deal with ‘damp’ areas, that have appeared recently on upstairs bedroom ceilings.

Outside Walls are the Condensation Culprits

We usually find that the damp is in the corner of the bedroom, behind a bed pushed up to the wall or in a cupboard.  The walls affected are almost always outside walls.  In other words, the walls that face outside, and not dividing walls inside the building.

The problem is especially worse if the bedroom has a disused chimney stack passing through it.

The problem can be caused by many issues, but the effect is always exacerbated by poor ventilation.

Maximise Ventilation to Reduce Condensation

Often in this situation, damp problems are mistaken for lead flashing failure; the stack appears damp due to the damp outside and cold brickwork, and a warm interior wall.

We are called to mainly tenanted properties and we often find clothes drying on radiators, bathroom windows shut during showering and vents taped over with plastic bags.

To prevent condensation build up at this time of year, keep rooms well ventilated.  If you’ve still got a problem – then please feel free to contact us for advice.

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