Re-Roofing Garden Sheds for the Long Haul

Re-Roofing Garden Sheds for the Long Haul

So what is it with us Brits and our relationship with sheds?

Big ones, small ones, tall ones and long ones.  Since Christmas we have re-furbished and rebuilt a dozen or so of these timber buildings. 

Re-roofing garden sheds for our customers; we’ve seen just about everything from the typical potting shed to a hobby room, to a gym and a boot sale storage area.

Tilehurst Roofing Re-roofing garden sheds bird boxWe even re-roofed a bird house for two elderly women during a shed rebuild.



New sheds are often built down to a cost

The typical shed roof coverings are a pitched roof, made of cheap tongue and groove or thin chipboard decking.  When the shed is delivered by the retailer, the roof is typically covered with a very lightweight (rabbit hutch) felt.

These roofs typically last 3-5 years before the felt splits, allowing water ingress, and this causes the decking to rot.  As most people do not check their shed roofs as regularly as they should, the decking often then fails, and in some cases the small rafters also rot.

Re-roofing garden sheds to last

We usually remove all decking, add additional timber framework and fit a secure plywood decking.

This is then covered using a 2 layer High Tensile felt system.  Once the shed cladding is treated to 2 or 3 coats of good wood stain, the building and roof should last for 20 years or so.

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