Winter Roof Maintenance – Guttering and Gullies

Winter Roof Maintenance – Guttering and Gullies

With the leaves falling faster than the temperature, it’s now time to clean out your guttering and gullies.

Blocked outlets cause rainwater to overflow the guttering and run down the walls.  This rainwater, constantly running down an exterior wall can penetrate the brickwork and mortar damaging it especially if rain cycles with repeated frosts and thaws. 

Knock on Effects of Poor Gutter Maintenance

tilehurst-roofing-gutter-maintenance-2Dampness to the interior walls can be the outcome, especially the older solid wall buildings.  And once an interior plastered wall becomes damp, it will eventually loose the ability to dry out and will remain damp.  Only costly re-plastering will fix this.

It’s usually a quick and easy job to clean out debris, and at the same time an inspection can be made of the guttering’s condition and identify potential problems before they become a serious issue that could pose threat to your properties structure, with major cost implications.

Prevention is best

We offhedgehog gutter-brush-systemer a ‘Hedgehog Gutter Brush’ system to help prevent the build up of debris in the guttering itself and outlet protection can be provided to avoid the soakaways becoming blocked.

For free advice about Winter Roof Maintenance and estimates please contact us.

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