Roofing Repairs on the Cheap? Latest Horror Story

Roofing Repairs on the Cheap? Latest Horror Story

Recently one of our previous customers rang the office to book in an appointment for a roof inspection. 

This is not unusual as we are lucky to have a big chunk of our business from returning customers.

On pulling in the driveway, I noticed the garage roof, fascia and all the internals was completely burnt out.  Speaking to the customer she pointed out some broken hanging tiles.

TRC fixing cheap roofing repairs2Somewhat surprised I asked about the flat roof garage with a non-existent flat roof!  I swear it was there last time we visited.

Roofing Repairs on the Cheap?

Apparently she had employed the services of a small local roofing business who, during the course of the roofing repair job, basically set fire to the felt roof, and the complete contents of the garage.

Luckily there was no car inside at the time, or it could have been a lot worse in this dry spell we are having.

Insurance Claim?

The story goes from bad to worse.  You would expect a roofing company to be fully insured given the nature of the work, and we obviously expected to hear that the company’s insurance company would pay for the repairs.

But they were not insured!   and these “roofing contractors” have now effectively disappeared, leaving the house owner with a massive bill, way over the original job estimate.  It cost £20k to fix.

You pay for what you get

It was Red Adair, the famous oilman who said “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”.

Our advice is that when you take on any contractor for work around the home, always check that your roofing companies carry a full public liability and full cover for what they are contracted to carry out.

Trying to save money and cut corners is not worth it.

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