Successful School Roofing Projects – 2018

Successful School Roofing Projects – 2018

Summer Madness Over!

Earlier in the year, we started planning our summer roofing maintenance projects with the usual trepidation, because with an immovable completion date, the pressure is always on.

Actually, this years run of summer school roofing works has gone very well.  Whereas a normal British summer contrives to make it difficult for us to complete the work before the schools go back, often giving us all 4 seasons in a day, this year the dry weather has played a major role in ensuring we finished all the school re-roofing and re-pointing works on time.

School RoofingAlthough we have a week left on our contract, we will still be out on time, scaffolding down and all debris away before the children return for the new term.

In fact during the school works this year, we were able to schedule in  further repair works in the school; insulation and additional re-pointing, on top of the original plan and still completed within our allocated time scale.

Autumn Roofing Projects coming up

So now at Tilehurst Roofing, we can breath a sigh of relief that we are not trying to plan the summer school roofing maintenance around the rain showers, in a desperate bid to get it all done before term starts.  Coming up next we have a run of small bread and butter jobs,  before undertaking our next big re-roofing job.

Good thing is, there is no pressure now… from now on there will be no more time-sensitive roofing work like the school … Well until next summer that is!


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