Flat Roofs in Decline

Flat Roofs in Decline

One thing I have noticed in my 35 years plus in the roofing game is the decline of the traditional felt, flat roofs.

Back in the day, my work consisted of 90% of felt roofs.  It seemed like every Saturday was a new felt roof to lay to a new extension build, and best of all for us, it was do the job and go.

So a days money for half a days work; well it was to me, but I’m not sure how today’s lads would see it!

Modern Flat Roofing Solutions

Over the years our roofing customers always ask “there must be something better these days?”  So now, when I’m pricing for flat roofing work, I run through an extensive list of options, including liquid rubber, E.D.P.M, GRP Roofing, single ply and the many types of overlays.

All these flat roofing options come with varying amounts of guarantee periods, and differing cost options.

Modern Roofing Trends

Most new works these days tend to specify pitched roofing to extensions and new builds and to be honest, I cannot remember the last time we priced a new felt roof on a new build.

But, there are some instances where a flat roof is the only practical option.  For these jobs, our higher spec three layer felt roofs can carry an insurance backed guarantee of 25 years, which is valuable when you consider that if you buy a brand new house you only get a 10 year guarantee.

All roofing systems have there good and bad points but it would be a mistake to write-off traditional felt roofs, laid by professional people.

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