Be Aware – Rogue Traders

Be Aware – Rogue Traders

I was really concerned when I recently received a call from an old friend, who explained to me that his elderly father had just informed him that he was having roofing works that comprised a simple roofline replacement being carried out. 

This had come as a shock as he and his brothers were not informed about these proposed works.

Overcharged for a Standard Roofline Replacement

A £2000.00 deposit had been handed over to the “rogue roofers” as a down-payment on a £6000.00 estimate for roofing repairs.  I asked what the works entailed and was told soffits and fascias.  The property was a 3 bed semi so we knew that the cost was 3 times higher than it should have been because we have carried out many roofline replacements on the same estate recently.

I explained this and said they would probably not return… just keep the money. Typical scam.

Unfortunately, in the morning the firm did return.

Poor Safety Practices in Evidence

Using only ladders, they hacked off asbestos soffits, fascias and roof tiles, and throwing all debris into the front garden.  Tiled valleys were pulled out as were tiled verge areas.

My friends father was then told by the contractors that the roof now needed replacing and would cost £14000.00.  In a distressed state my friends father asked for my advice.

I left the job I was working on and went straight to his house.  I was met by two lads balancing on ladders propped up from a car port roof ripping off asbestos.  The garden was a total tip of removed roofing and timber materials.  I asked the workman to stop, and I needed to speak to the company director, he appeared an hour later, to explain why more works were required.  Scaffolding would be needed now and a new roof would need to be installed.

Doing the Job Properly

Roofline Replacement by TRC with ScaffoldingI explained we will now need to obtain 3 quotations for the works and would he and his employees please leave the site.

Tilehurst Roofing then replaced various areas of the roof to keep it watertight until we could arrange scaffolding – an absolute necessity for this job.  On contacting our scaffolding company and asking for his urgent help. 

All Scaffolding came straight over to erect scaffolding so we could fully weather proof the roof that day.

Tilehurst Roofing will return to site this week to ascertain works and sort out the mess left by rogue traders


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