Cleaning Moss off Roofs? Ditch the Jet-washer!

Cleaning Moss off Roofs? Ditch the Jet-washer!

Why jet-washing roofs can cost you ££££!

Recently we have been asked to again repair roofs in the Tilehurst area, after they have been jet washed to remove moss.

We found gutterings and  down-pipes completely full of tile debris and moss, which have subsequently overflowed.  This caused water to run down walls and could mean potential damp problems long term.

The last roof we were called to needed 15 tiles to be replaced – simply because it was cleaned using a jet-washer.  With our experience and knowledge of available replacement products, we try hard but new tiles will generally not match any jet washed roof tiles, as all the coloured fleck will have been blown off.

Smart roof repairs

To counter this, and to make the house still look good from the street, we swapped some rear roof tiles to the front, so the repairs were not so obvious.

Unbelievably the jet washer had also blown a hole straight through the G.R.P valley troughs.

So please be aware of the dangers of jet-washing; they are great for all sorts of applications, but only clean roof tiles using hand tools to prevent unnecessary aggravation and cost!

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