Dislocated knee – but third overall

Sunday saw Tilehurst Roofing’s – John Elliott storm to a third overall in the new

Evo class for quad racing.

The newly introduced Evo class is for older Quad bikes, to be used in a competitive

race, without facing the new high tech bikes used today.

The class is still competitive, with very good machinery and equally good riders.

During the second Moto, John Elliotts knee became dislodged after jumping a

table top and landing awkwardly .

John stopped, put his leg against the petrol tank, and knocked the joint back together.

After the third Moto John achieved a respectable 3rd overall, despite the engine

mounts  shaking loose.


Next Race – the legendary Weston Beach race with Tilehurst Roofing’s rider

‘Ironman’ – Geoff Glover competing on his 770 Yamaha Raptor 

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