Dude News – Dude to the rescue

As there was no racing this weekend, Team Elliott and Dude headed for the coast.

John needing a break to heal after his many injuries, was looking forward to a weekend by the sea.

Once on the beach I produced 2 kayaks – “Have a go John” I said.

Next thing we are in the very rough and cold sea.

After an hour we are heading back to shore, but disaster John was thrown from his Kayak and hanging by the seat of his pants… literally.

John was caught on the boat, his shorts hooked, and upside down.

Dude came to his aid and rang the R.N.L.I – www.haylinglifeboats.org.uk  within minutes the racing legend had been rescued.

Battered and bruised John said afterwards – Thank God for little Dude!.


Johns off to France this weekend racing in a 3 hour enduro event.


Next local race Binstead 20th July Moto Cross, side cars and quads.



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