Flash Floods and Roofing

Over the last few days, we have experienced very heavy sudden showers.

I have been called out to 20-25 customers who have had water pouring over the


This is due to the heavy rain falling at such a rate the soak-aways and guttering

systems cannot cope.

The heavy downpours also wash off moss from the roof areas, causing the outlets 

to block.

Larger capacity systems are also an alternative, I have mentioned this in previous

news items.


The other common call outs is valley areas.

Valleys which are tiled tend to get blocked with also the moss and general roof debris.

These blockages prevent the rainwater from clearing from the valley quickly, and

cappilary’s up the tiles and into the roof space.

The only saving grace is if the roof is felt lined.

Worth while checking your valleys are clear to prevent problems.

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