Garage Rooms

Garage Rooms

Nearly half way through the year, where’s it gone?

We are already booked up with schools work for the summer holidays, and most of the half terms.

So whats happening in the trade?

I am finding that we are converting more and more garages into living space these days.

Usually re-roof and then insulate, plasterboard and fit out.

So why the trend in garage conversions?

Apparently cars have got larger, so garages built in the 50’s and 60’s are too small to fit the car in and open the doors.

The more recent introduction of integral garages accessed directly from the house, has turned garages into the ideal places for children’s playrooms, gyms, hobby rooms or office spaces.

If you do consider a conversion, please bear in mind that it could change the outside appearance of your house, so you may need building and planning regulations.

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