Guttering – Bigger is better

Over the last few weeks we have been inundated with calls, regarding leaking guttering.

During my site visits, the problems are mostly with the guttering system, being blocked by debris.  The heavy showers wash off moss and other debris, from the roof tiles and into the guttering system.

This in turn blocks or restricts the outlets causing the rain water to spill over the the edges of the guttering.

Poorly fitted systems with not enough fall, can also overflow.  Then rainwater can cause damage to the brickwork, rot timbers and stain the facade of the building.

We have been installing larger capacity guttering system recently to many schools and private housing.

The recent climate changes bring heavy rain showers making the standard system unable to cope with the downpours.

Regular maintenance is vital to prevent problems with your guttering.

Keeping guttering free from debris, leaves etc and ensuring downpipes are free-flowing should ensure there are few problems in heavier rain. 

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