How Tilehurst Roofing Contractors got its Logo

How Tilehurst Roofing Contractors got its Logo

I thought it would be interesting to share a  little bit of history about Tilehurst Roofing Contractors, how the company evolved and how we developed our logo into what it is now.

Tilehurst Felt Roofing was formed by Gordon Sims in the middle sixties.  As Gordon was living in Tilehurst, and the company carried out felt roofing, the company was called Tilehurst Felt Roofing, simple as that.

The vans were all hand sign written with Tilehurst Felt Roofing and the Reading phone number on both sides of the vehicle.

The logo came later in the early eighties when I joined the company.  We had by now expanded into all types of roofing and building works. So the name was changed to Tilehurst Roofing. 

I could also see that a logo was needed like a brand name, so that people would recognise the company more easily.  The early logo was a ‘boxy’ straight edged affair but worked for a while. 

In the nineties I replaced the logo for a more rounded and corporate appearance.  Est 1966 was also introduced.

From then on, the logo was used on all paperwork, vans, sign boards, and for sponsorship of Motorsports. 


The new logo was easily recognisable and we were probably the first roofing company in Reading to use a logo.  By now we also had a presence on the internet, so the web address was added to encourage people to use this new medium.

Branded Workwear

In 2000 we put the logo on our work shirts and work clothing.  This reinforced the image and reputation of the company workforce as professional and gave the company an instantly recognisable identity when working on site, such as schools, public buildings. 

Tilehurst Roofing also promoted ‘Green’ with a one off logo for our green van.  The van promote rain water harvesting, green roofs etc. 

A couple of limited edition logos were drawn up the 40th anniversary logo ‘Covering the Thames Valley for 40 year’ and followed 10 years later by a 50th anniversary (lol).  The logo depicted an umbrella protecting the original logo.  Over the years many people have commented on the use of our logo, as  being easy to spot and remember.  We now even have our own mascot ‘Dude the Duck’ who has the logo on his chest!

The formation of Tilehurst Roofing Motorsports

This new offspring of Tilehurst Roofing mainly supported up and coming riders in all forms of racing.   A TRC motorsports facebook page was started to keep all riders abreast  of race dates, times, venues and up to the minute information on race events.  So another new logo appeared.

Still using the main TRC logo but with the addition of chequered flags.  This logo is used on all bikes, vans, jet ski’s and quads that raced under the Tilehurst Roofing Motorsport banner.

Over the years I have noticed an increase in the number of trades who now print their names on the back of their work shirts, no logo but their names, something I started 20 years ago.

As they say ‘ It pays to advertise’.

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