It must be a record!!!

It must be a record!!!

199 Roofing Estimates in 3 days!!

I was asked by a large Housing association to cost roofing and roofline works recently; they had sent 20 jobs through to cost.

The catch was it all needed to be at their office by noon on 9th April.

Thats ok… I’ve got a bit of time,  we are flat out with school work at the moment, so I will just have to fit it in when I can.

On reading the spec sheets, the works estimated for did not add up, so I rang the office and spoke our TRC office manager Tracey.

She made some enquiries at the client and rang me back. “Do you want the good new or the bad news?”  On further investigation, we found that there were in fact 199 jobs to look at,  and still needing to be in by the 9th April.

So no Easter break for me then.

The roofing project would extend to properties from Lambourne, Newbury, Hungerford all the way to Slough – and places I have never heard of!

Camera in hand, tank full of fuel and I was off.  All the required roofing works were looked at in two and half days flat.

Here’s a few interesting facts:

Man hours looking at the roofing works – 26 hours

Fuel used travelling between roofing job locations – £168.00

Time on preparing roofing costs, including scaffolding, materials etc – 16 hours.

Tracey’s time on sending off the costings – too numerous to mention.


And all of this free of charge and over the Easter period!

Visit the Tilehurst Roofing website for more information


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