Its Winter – Get Prepared!

Stormy weatherStorms can create all sorts of roofing problems - call TRC for friendly advice

With the big lead up to the productive high winds and rain, the event was less dramatic than forecast.

Tilehurst Roofing were around in the ‘Great Storm’ of 1987, and believe me the latest winds were nothing compared to that stormy day and night.  At the time we were taking 600 calls per day and although we tried to help as many people as possible, it was an endless task.

The recent winds caused us to have 500 plus enquiries, and most of them were given help, advise and estimates for work required.  One week alone saw 128 site visits with all estimates being sent within 2-3 days, and some emergency works carried out within 1-2 days.  Not bad for a small family business.

Winter protection

With the damp and wet weather promoting growth of moss and debris on roof areas, guttering needs to be kept clean and free from debris.  This will avoid blockages allowing water to run down walls and cause dampness.

CondensationCondensation can be a problem in the winter - call TRC for friendly advice

As the cold weather arrives, so condensation issues will become a problem and can eventually rot away poorly protected window frames.  That is unless the house is vented, especially bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen areas so ensure your rooms are well vented to avoid damp issues.

Simple Prevention Measures

As leaves fall onto flat roof surfaces, pathways and emergency escape routes, the areas become slippery.  Its important to keep on top of fallen leaves and clear these areas of debris and jet wash off to prevent any incidents.  Don’t forget not to use Jet-washers on roofing

Please contact us for a free condensation leaflet, or any advise regarding protecting your home during the winter months.

Caroline Scheel

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