R.A.F in print

We recently had the pleasure of working with a gentleman that was an R.A.F veteran, and as our regular customers know we work very closely with the R.A.F.A raising funds for their veterans and causes alike.

It proved to be a very interesting meeting with the gentleman concerned, who regaled us all with his experiences while in the R.A.F.

We carried out the roof repairs for him but on principle was not going to charge him for the works carried out.

Afterwards the gentleman concerned visited us to show his gratitude and he presented us with a book, it revealed that he had actually had a novel published and based loosely on his experiences in the R.A.F as a Wing Commanders driver.

We took the book away and began to read it proved to be a very interesting and amusing read and we thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I recommend this book to anyone, as it has something for everybody so have a look out for it next time your in the bookshop or shopping on Amazon. 

The author and book in question is Mr Wallace. S .Beakhouse and the book is the ‘The Wing Commanders Wife’

Wing Commanders


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