Renaissance in natural roofing materials – Part 2

Previously we looked at the use and decline of European clay roofing materials,  after the war.

During the 70’s clay tile production started again, challenging the dominance of concrete tiles. Great advances were made in technology and in the 1980’s, the clay tiles were then dried and supported on ‘setters’ thus enabling much greater control over the final shape.

This has always been a problem with trying to repair a roof with 1950’s Belgian clay pantiles, as the tiles are inconsistent, therefore similar looking materials would not fit into a roof, to make the repair.

So today, with the new found quality of clay tiles and fittings, large investment has given us new clay products, that are stable in dimensional tolerances as their concrete counterparts.

Slate has also boomed lately with good quality cheaper imports, mainly Spanish, arriving from overseas.

As with most things, we have come full circle, now reverting back to the natural clay and slate roof coverings.

Natural products have less effect on the environment and in all honesty …

Look good too!


Caroline Scheel

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