School Roofing | Easter Repairs

School Roofing | Easter Repairs

As is usual at Easter time Tilehurst Roofing Contractors are booked in to repair various school roofs.  Its a time of year we do find ourselves in high demand from local schools for this type of roofing maintenance – the pupils are on holiday and the weather is usually kind.

This year with Easter being late, we could only fit in 3 schools.  2 long term customers, Queen Anne’s, Reading School and a new customer Bradfield CE Primary School.

General Structural Maintenance and Leadwork

The works involved from general maintenance to fitting purpose made on site snow guard brackets and snow guards.

The fitting of these items was to prevent any tiles that slipped off the roof from falling into the playground.

Queen Annes School was more involved with replacing lead gullies, renewing timber fascias to high level tower roofs, and re-fixing lead flashings.

The School Roof Maintenance Work  – A Race Against Time!

School work is fine but we are restricted to a 2-3 week slot before the children return. And at this time of year we are totally reliant on having clear, dry weather to work in.

Organising the materials, scaffolding, specialist access equipment and of course labour requires a high degree of planning skills and scheduling.

With the intensity of compressing all the school maintenance work into narrow ‘fair weather’ holidays breaks, we find that all other work stops, as does giving estimates or any other site visits until all works to the schools are complete and scaffolding safely down. So apologies to our other customers if we have let you down.

Move on to the summer break for the next run of works.

School Roof Maintenance Work

Lead Roof Maintenance Work at Queen Anne’s

School Roof Maintenance Work

Roof Maintenance Work at Queen Anne’s

Scaffolding supporting roof maintenance work at Queen Anne's

Scaffolding supporting roof maintenance work at Queen Anne’s

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