That time of year again………. Condensation.

Condensation appears as the weather gets colder and we turn our heating up.

With effective sealed double glazed windows, draft proof doors, and lashings of insulation  to walls and ceilings –

Where can the moist warm air go.

To the coldest part of the room, usually the external corners.

This is more noticeable in older houses with solid walls – (no cavities).

The brickwork is old and has many years of weather exposure.

Put this together with the litres of water caused by us breathing and condensation will appear.

The most noticeable is behind wardrobes, beds and in cupboards, as air movement is restricted.

I have been called by many customers, convinced there is leaks in the roof, when in fact it is purely condensation.

Recently I discovered ‘fathom’ leaks where original chimneys have been removed, yet still show signs of damp.

This is due to the internal part of the chimney brickwork retaining moisture from years of rain.

Once the heating is turned up, the moisture is drawn out, especially in a closed bedroom area.

Also redundant chimney stacks that are not vented or used can produce damp to the internal side of the stack.


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