Some time ago Tilehurst Roofing Contractors had a flyer arrive on the doorstep telling us an event was being organised to ‘Turn Tilehurst Red for Remembrance Day, and that they were hoping to rally all businesses, residents, clubs etc in helping with the project, remembering the fallen from World War One on its hundredth anniversary.

They wanted everyone to feature this for two weeks between 1st to 14th November.

Well as you already know Tilehurst Roofing are always willing and delighted to involve themselves in charity events as it’s something we are always doing as a company, and for this we were honoured to show our appreciation to the people who fought for us later generations, during this time.

Well, ideas for this were thrown back and forth, what could we do and designs, patterns etc started forming.

Caroline and Tracey started by printing out numerous poppies and cutting them out to enable them to be displayed, it was like a scene from ‘Blue Peter’ with all the creativity going on, cutting, pasting etc.

We were lucky that in our Tilehurst Showroom we have a good window area that we could just utilise completely for this project, so decided to turn it into the story feature.

Kate Taylor who organised the event came into the showroom, and mentioned her dad Keith had been making figures depicting different roles during World War 1, and if we wanted to could also feature one of his designs in the window.

Well this really helped us decide how to decorate the window.

Duly a figure of a nurse and hospital bed were delivered, and we placed these in the window and then decorated around this feature.

The showroom started to look very impressive with poppies, flags and war time figures on show, and we just hoped we have been able to show Tilehurst just how much this meant to us as much as it meant to the local community.

Local organisers have been out and about in the surrounding area and we have poppies on every lamp post and bollard, its proving to be a true community event, and it’s really heart warming to see everyone getting involved, there are numerous people who have decorated their gardens, poppies in trees, garage doors have been painted with scenes, it’s amazing the ideas that have been shown so far.

Like we said the event runs from Thursday 1st November to Wednesday 14th November, so if you get the chance pop along to have a look, and as every year on 11th November a service will be held at the Tilehurst Triangle Memorial this attracts a lot of people every year but I think this year we will have a very large crowd.



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