Urban Rainwater harvesting

Following on from my articles regarding heavy downpours of rain……

Last year I installed a number of water butts to various outbuildings in my garden.
Connecting the guttering into the container directly.
I was surprised to see how quickly these containers filled up, even with the slightest of rain.
I used these water butts to water the garden all last year.
This had me thinking if I could re-use the harvested water in other ways.
I have now installed a large water container, connected to the guttering system for one of our customers.
A pump was fitted and now she can wash the car, clean the patio, and also water the garden from the new water container.
Tilehurst Roofing have now linked in with a local plumbing company, so we can install purpose made water containers that feed water directly into the home for toilet flushing, laundry and garden irrigation.

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More Detail about our eco friendly rain-water harvesting roofing services in Reading and Berkshire

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