Winter Guttering Maintenance

Winter Guttering Maintenance

Time for winter guttering maintenanceSummer is now gone, and we are now looking  forward to Christmas, knowing we actually had a good summer for once.

With the inevitable heavy rain and winds forecast, its time to inspect and clean out your outlets and guttering systems. With a month’s worth of rain in one day earlier this month, it is essential that your guttering’s are cleared and maintained.

Deepflow Guttering Systems

As I have suggested many times last year, replacing the original guttering with a new larger capacity deepflow system is a good move.  Deepflow systems are new are typically a deep semi-elliptical gutter and are ideal for large roofs and heavy rainfall.

The winters are getting wetter with progressively heavy driving rain and these deepflow guttering systems can take the deluge of rainwater more easily than more traditional smaller gauge guttering systems.

Please contact us for a free inspection and report on your guttering maintenance before the rains arrive in earnest!

Caroline Scheel


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